Monday, October 23, 2017

Term 4 Week 3

Term 4!!!!
Upcoming events:
Friday 27th October 12:15pm : Year 2 Friendology luncheon
Sunday 5th November 9am: Year 4 Eucharist
Thursday 9th November: Book Week Dress Up Day

Friendology Lunch:
Dear Parents, we are pleased to be holding a shared Friendology luncheon between 2H and 2M on Friday 27th October (Week 3) to celebrate our learning gained within our Friendology programme. The children unanimously decided that they would like an shared luncheon to further develop the friendships they have with children from both classes. We look forward to this special celebration.

We would like each child to bring a small plate of food to share. If your child has any special dietary requirements or allergies could you please prepare a separate plate for them to enjoy on the day. Our shared luncheon will commence at 12.15.
Thanking you in advance,
Kind regards,
Paula, Kristy and Penny

English: The first few weeks of this term we have focused on writing narratives with descriptive words and using punctuation to help our readers understand character dialogue and speaking.  We have also been studying grammar features and sentence structures of published authors and 'magpie-ing' their ideas to help us be even better writers.  We are also learning how to edit and peer-edit our writing.  Look at us share, help and celebrate our writing with our writing buddies last week!  We will share some of our favourite stories we have written soon on Seesaw!

Next week we begin to focus on reading and writing information report texts and using paragraphs to organise our facts and help the reader to follow and find our information.

Maths: This term we have learnt about reading maps, following directions and using directional language to locate position.  We have also learnt how to read a grid using co-ordinates and finished off our week with a game of battleship.
The next fortnight we will continue learning about 2D and 3D shapes and shape vocabulary such as sides, vertices, faces and nets.

Our theme for this term is Simple Machines. We will design, create and build our own simple machines during our Science lessons.  Last week we conducted an experiment to see what it would be like in Space working with a simple machine. Firstly, the children had to undo a nut and bolt using their bare hands and then redo it again.  Secondly, they needed to put on some rubber gloves and undo and redo the nut and bolt.  Thirdly, they had to keep the nut and bolt under the water with their gloves on and then without their gloves. They were surprised by the results and took the experiment very seriously.  We changed one variable each time so that our results could be compared and were accurate.
Mrs Murphy

Earbuds/Headphones: It would be appreciated if students could bring back to school a pair of earbuds/headphones (headphones seem to be preferred among our class members) as we are now using the Reading Eggspress app in our reading groups a few times a week. Reading Eggspress lessons include more aspects of listening and some of our students are finding it difficult to maintain focus when rhe noise of several ipads can be heard around them.  Students are more than welcome to do additional Reading Eggspress lessons and books at home as well - it is the same login and password as Reading Eggs.

Thank you for your continued support.
God Bless
Kristy and Penny 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Term 3 Week 9

Upcoming events:
Wednesday 13th - Jumps event at approx 2.00pm
Thursday 14th - Athletics carnival

Please wear your faction shirts on Wednesday and Thursday and sports uniform on Friday this week.

Please see today's SEQTA email  and last week's newsletter for details about times for events for the Athletics carnival and recess/lunch breaks.

Shoebox donations:
Thank you so much for all of the donations that came in last week for Operation Christmas Child.  This project has been running in the school for well over a decade and it is another way we can show compassion and care for others.  If there are any more donations or $2.50 postage coins, please bring them in ASAP.

Geography/Science: We continue to be busy bees in 2H, learning about our local native animals.  We have begun our inquiry cycle and collating current knowledge and wonder questions.  This week we will begin researching information to create a report and informational narrative, combining writing skills and technology.  Our projects are hoped to be finished ready to share by the end of the term...stay tuned!

Mathematics: This week we will be reviewing mathematical language of operations = - + x and our understanding of numbers in our world.  We are also working on our problem solving skills.
On Friday afternoon we completed our first Friday challenge to create as many 3 digit numbers as possible using three playing cards and writing them in order of value.  Some students chose to work in pairs or individually to complete the challenge.  It was so great to see 2H members discussing the challenge requirements, collecting resources, sharing ideas and process to break apart the challenge and eventually 'show what you know'.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Term 3 Week 8

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday 6th  - Jumps event: 2H 2.10-3.00pm wear sports uniform
Friday 8th- Operation Christmas Child shoebox donation due date please
Wednesday 13th- Throws event: 2H 2.10pm wear sports uniform
Thursday 14th - Athletics carnival

Our class' time for jumps has been scheduled for last hour on Wednesday afternoon.  Spectators and helpers are welcome.  Year 2-6 students wear sports uniform on this day in addition to our Thursday and Friday sport days this week.

Little Mermaid 
All of the students were invited to see the wonderful production this afternoon and it was absolutely fantastic! So many wonderful songs and the performance was amazing.  If you haven't got tickets, they are still available for Wednesday, Thursday and some limited for Friday. I'm sure the children would love to see the production again under the lights. 

Australian $10 noteMathematics
We are continuing to focus on money this week.  It would be appreciated if you could set aside a little extra time over the next fortnight counting collections of different coins and the method for counting up totals which require changing between skip counting (eg. start with coins larger value, group same type coins and skip count). You could also role-play purchasing items to help develop concept of change and how it is calculated.  We will also be practising writing amounts using the $ and c sign and writing addition, subtraction and even multiplication sums including these money symbols.
We have been playing some interactive games on the smartboard during lesson warm ups created by ASIC and some students have requested the link so they can play it at home:
Money smart: pay the price

Money smart: money match

Please see last week's blog post for more information on classroom events and learning :)

We hope all the 2H fathers had a lovely day yesterday and your gorgeous children let you know how special you are.

Thank you for your continued support.
God Bless
Penny and Kristy

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Term 3 Week 7

Upcoming Events

  •  Friday 1st September: 7.30am Father's Day breakfast, 9.00am 2H Prayer Assembly
  • Week 9 and 10 Jumps and throws events (timetable will be shared next week when it is finalised)
  • Friday 8th September: Operation Shoebox  items due
Operation Christmas Child
 Thank you so much to those who have already organised gifts and money donations for the Christmas Shoeboxes.  We have set up a collection basket next to the communication book.  Please remember that your donation requires $2.50 per child for postage of these boxes.  A note went home last week regarding what type of item your child has chosen to donate. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries. These gifts are sure to bring happiness to those children in need.  Thank you in advance for your generosity. 

Parent Helpers
Thank you to those parent helpers who have volunteered some of their time to help with mathematics lessons.  There are still spots available on the roster if you would like to help out later this term.    

Our students are starting to post one or two items a week and hopefully a little more in the future.  Seesaw may hopefully even encourage your student to chat with you a little more after you ask the daily question "What did you do at school today?" Please note that you can easily change the settings in the app to sms notifications by entering your phone number if you would prefer new items to be announced immediately via phone rather than email (and can change the frequency of emails too).  Tap on the initials icon on the top left and account settings tab, enter phone number and enable notifications.  

We are continuing to focus on searching texts to answer comprehension questions.  We need to locate answers and prove it by looking for it IN THE TEXT and write the answers to show our knowledge.  On Friday we even tried something different after reading about Australian animals and answered reading comprehension in the form of a crossword. Crosswords were new to so many students while some showed an interest and skill in how to solve these and offered to teach and help their peers.  It is so great to try out new things in 2H. We talk about and celebrate how God made us unique, with brains and personalities that have different preferences and strengths.   
We are also continuing to build our Magpie Word Wall, to celebrate and encourage the use of WOW words and vibrant vocabulary in our writing.  Look at the wonderful addition of our own very different and unique magpies to help remind us to keep an eye out for new words when reading too!

This week we have completed our focus time on addition and subtraction sums.  Some of us have also learnt the strategy of solving number problems using vertical sums and how to regroup when there isn't enough ones to subtract by borrowing from the tens. This week and next week we will be focusing on money.  Please start putting your collections of coins aside and spend a little extra time working with different amounts with coins.  It would be wonderful if you could have a collection of different coins to practise adding and subtracting, the scenario and meaning of 'change' and making a particular amount using different sets of coins. 

As always, we thank you for your continued support.
God Bless,
Kristy and Penny 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Term 3 Week 6

Week 6
Upcoming events:
Thursday 24th August: SCHOOL PHOTOS – Please wear winter dress uniform (no tights) and bring along white sports shoes and socks to change into (full sports wear is not required for our class). 

Next Friday 1st September: 2H PRAYER ASSEMBLY

Mathematics: Last week we were focusing on subtraction and learning how to organise sums into vertical arrangement (columns of tens and ones).  We have also been using number grids and number lines to solve subtraction sums.  Today some of us even learnt how to regroup, borrowing tens and bringing them into the ones/units column when there wasn’t enough.  Some fun acting out pizza shop scenarios was had! We will be learning about money next week, combining our knowledge about skip counting, addition and subtraction operations to make different amounts and solve money problems. 

English: We have been focusing on our comprehension of texts, answering different types of questions and searching (skimming and scanning) the text for keywords in the question to help find the answers.  We are enjoying using highlighters to locate our answers too!  We are also continuing to be on the look out for interesting and unknown words to help build our vocabulary.  Don’t forget during your next classroom visit to look at our ever-growing Magpie word wall for words we have used in our writing.  We have ‘magpied’ these WOW words because they have been sneakily stolen from other authors to help our writing be even better for our readers. 

Parent Help: A parent help roster for help in Mathematics lessons is on the wooden cubbies next to the parent communication/pickup bus book.  Help is always welcome!  Please feel free to email us with suitable dates if you are not able to write your name on the roster in the mornings. 

Seesaw: we now have 24 connected families that are able to view their child’s learning journals! The students love sharing their work with you and noticing your likes and comments. It is also a great way to share a little of our learning that happens in our classrooms. Any feedback on the use of seesaw as a parent would be welcomed as it is the first time I have used it.  Please see Mrs King if you are having difficulty starting access to your child’s seesaw learning journal.  

If anyone has any donations of lemons, they would greatly appreciated - as many as possible as it's for a secret upcoming gift...;)

As always, thank you for your continued support.
God Bless.
Penny and Kristy

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Term 3 Week 4

The 2H team have approached Term 3 learning with a bang!
Our focus topics have been:
Mathematics: introducing multiplication and division symbols, reading and writing sums and solving worded problems.  We have loved applying our knowledge to hands-on tasks and solving tricky open-ended problems in partners that had multiple answers.  We can now use a think board to show the ways a number problem can be represented and solved.

Reading: Our reading group rotations each morning has continued this term.  This provides us time for us to read, read and read in small groups and on our own. We know that reading exercises and strengthens our reading brain 'muscle'.  Reading more = better readers!  We have continued to learn about METACOGNITION which means thinking about our thinking as we read.  We need to listen to the two voices in our head when we read - one says the words and the other does the thinking such as predicting, noticing things, wondering questions and making connections to our own memories. Metacognition and engaging with our texts/books means we are really reading!  This week we have begun to work on our engagement with the interesting vocabulary in our texts.  We are working to become even better readers by tuning into "wow words" that we may/may not know.

Writing: We have also learnt that good readers notice interesting vocabulary to 'magpie' them (steal) into their brains to use them later in their own writing.  We are working on using vibrant vocabulary in our writing and celebrate as a team those who do by adding these words to our new Magpie Word Wall. We have been learning about persuasive texts and have been writing to different audiences to help convince our readers our opinion using reasons and detailed explanations.  Ask us about our Team Cat/Team Dog writing task.

Seesaw: We now have Seesaw up and running in 2H.  This is an web-based learning journal where our 2H team can share their learning and classroom activities with their parents.  It is not an app where students need to do anything at home - it is just a great opportunity for our students to record their learning and for Mums and Dads to be able to see some day-to-day learning that happens in our classroom.  You are also welcome to leave comments for your children to read and 'like' their journal entries.  Please see Mrs King if you are having trouble with access to the app or difficulty joining to your child's journal using the note with the individual QRcode.

Parent helpers: Please let us know if you are able to help once a week for a mathematics lesson.  We are hoping to increase the opportunties that students can verbalise their thinking and processing of new mathematical concepts and more hands-on activities.  Our mathematics learning time is currently after recess, however may be able change it to a more parent-friendly time if there are enough parents available for weekly help.  Please see Mrs King or Mrs Hunt.  Helpers are also welcome for the literacy block during reading or writing sessions!


Mission Markets
Year 2 will be running the second-hand stall and money chain this year.  Donations of clean soft toys and books from any families would be appreciated. If anyone would like to assist with the Year 2 stall, helpers are welcome.  

Pupil free Day
A reminder that next Friday 18th August is a pupil free day.

School photos
School photos are on 24th and 25th August. If you would like some family photos you will need to go to the office and get an order form/code.

School Production
The school production is on the 7th and 8th of September. You can purchase your tickets at the office. It is amazing what Mrs Horrocks and the year 5 and 6 teachers achieve and can perform.

Thank you for your continued support.
God Bless
Kristy Hunt and Penny King 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Term 3 Week 1

Week 10
What a last week of Term 2! Grandparents Day, Dinosaur Day and lots of mathematics learning about length.  Thank you so much to the wonderful parent helpers - we couldn't have such great learning opportunities and fun without your help.  

We hope you all had a wonderful winter holiday break and some precious family time.   

Term 3 Homework
The use of a homework folder really helped students to develop their organisation and taking responsibility in their learning last term. Thank you parents for helping to develop these routines for homework and ensuring their child is packing them in their bags each night/morning last term. A reminder for what should be kept in the homework folders and brought to school every day:
  1. Home reading book (if reading a school book, some students are reading books from the library or their own - these students are welcome to bring in their books from home if they would like)
  2. Red reading log
  3. Think Mentals book
  4. Blue spelling mastery folder and cut up weekly words (students may also keep their own notepad/writing book with their spelling folder if completing the Look, Cover, Write, Check method as part of their spelling homework
  5. Sight words (coloured cards on a ring)
Term 3 Gathering Time
This term we have refined a weekly schedule to assist students knowing how to prepare for the morning and know what activities to do each morning upon arrival.  We will also be displaying a daily schedule/timetable so they can know the events and learning subjects for the day. 

Morning routine will be same as last term with some minor changes to morning activity/task.   
This consistent gathering time and routine from 8.30-8.45 is hoped to also provide extra time and opportunities for parents to discuss anything with us before we get ready for daily fitness at 8.45.  Please note that if you cannot make it in the classrooms in the early morning and have any queries please feel free to also email us anytime :) 
1. Students will bring their homework folder into the classroom along with their crunch'n'sip items. 
2. Please assist your child to scan in and out their home reading book (or write in their title in their red reading log if reading a book at home each night).  
3. Write in the title of their current home reading text and date each day in their red reading log if possible please.  Note the chapter if reading mini-novels.  
4. Morning task will be similar to previous terms:
Monday: Sight words Look, Cover, Write and Check
Tuesday and Wednesday: Writing Phonic Spelling Words from list in complete sentences. Early finishers can do Reading Eggs 
Thursday: Phonic Spelling Word Activity - Elkonin soundboxes and pyramids/sailboats
Friday: Day 5 Think Mentals/Mathletics (preparation and time to complete after assembly) 

Mathematics focus
Our focus for mathematics for the first few weeks will be introducing number arrays and the concept of multiplication.  We will also be introducing the concept of division and its inverse relationship with arrays/multiplication.  
English focus
For the start of Term 3 we will be focusing on the reading strategies of questioning and summarising to develop our comprehension skills.  We will be looking at the structure and purpose of persuasive texts in reading and writing. 
Religion focus
Our Confirmation unit of study will be "Empowered to Love".  Wondering at God who created love, showing love to others and how Mary, Jesus and his followers showed/can show love. 

Please feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions or queries and thank you for your continued support and involvement. 
Kind regards and May God Bless You,
Kristy and Penny